Health Benefits

We have to look after the people that we love.

The covid-19 crisis has certainly reinforced those ideas in our minds. The important things in our lives relate directly to our families, to their safety and to their happiness.

It's time that we started thinking about our health and the health in our home!

  • It's time to start talking about it.
  • It's time we started taking action.

Building a new home or renovating our existing home is an opportunity that many of us strive to achieve in New Zealand.

A prerequisite of design, for any home we build, must encompass the ‘concept of the healthy home’. Our priorities are changing. To rebuild our economy we need a healthy population.

A Beam Central Cleaning System is an option available and worth considering when you are at the planning stage.

Our Beam Systems can have a direct effect on the internal environment we live in, and make them safer and more comfortable for our families.


Air pollution contributes to lung disease, including respiratory tract infections, asthma and lung cancer and 87% of home owners are not aware that pollution may be worse in the homes than outdoors.

Indoor air quality is 2 to 5 times - and occasionally 100 times, worse than outdoors air. It is estimated that most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Six out of 10 homes and buildings are “sick” and are hazardous to the occupants.

Central vacuum systems provide cleaner indoor air by efficiently removing particles without stirring up microscopic dust particles and remitting them into the interior of the home. The vacuum receptacle is vented outside of the living space keeping the air inside free of pollutants.

It is well known that poor indoor air quality increases the severity and frequency of respiratory symptoms experiences by asthmatics. Dust mites are the only indoor air pollutants that are recognized to cause asthma in otherwise healthy people.

Asthma is under-diagnosed and under- treated, creating a substantial burden to individuals and families, possibly restricting individual’s activities for a lifetime. An estimated 235 billion people globally suffer from asthma and is the most common chronic disease among children.

Nearly 2 million people worldwide die prematurely from illness attributed to indoor air pollution. Of those, more than 1 million people a year die from chronic obstructive respiratory diseases (COPD) that develop due to exposure to indoor air pollutants. It is believed that 64 million people have some form of COPD and the World Health Organization predicts that it will become the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide by 2030.

Approximately 500 bacterial species are estimated to be present in dust, including Staphylococcus and Streplococcus.

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