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For more than six decades, BEAM has proudly held its position as a trailblazing pioneer in the field of central vacuum systems. With a rich legacy spanning over 65 years, BEAM has consistently delivered cutting-edge innovations and a wide-ranging portfolio of groundbreaking products that have set new standards and continually raised the bar within the industry.

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Impressive Benefits

Beam Central Vacuum Systems have many features and benefits that will make your life easier and more comfortable.

Health Benefits

Caring for the well-being of our loved ones is an inherent responsibility that binds us together as families, friends, and communities.

Your Questions Answered

The concept of built-in or central vacuum systems represents a modern innovation that may still be relatively unfamiliar to many individuals.


Why Choose Beam

Beam Central Vacuum Systems offer a multitude of features and benefits designed to enhance your convenience and comfort, significantly improving your quality of life.

65 Years of Exellence

Leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems worldwide.

Impressive Benefits

The covid-19 crisis has certainly reinforced those ideas in our minds.

Positive Reviews

The finest compliment we can receive is a referral from our friends and client.
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Our Clients love what we do

Reviews, References and Comments from Beam clients endorsing Beam Central Cleaning Systems and the New Zealand Dealers that installed their Systems.


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For over 65 years, BEAM has been a leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems with a long line of innovative products to raise the bar.

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