Beam Accessories

Beam Accessories

Beam Central Vacuum Systems have a comprehensive selection of accessories for your inbuilt vacuum cleaning system which will assist you with all your cleaning needs.

Self Cleaning Filter

A Beam Central Vacuum cleaning system will deep clean your carpet and improve your indoor air quality.


A Beam Central Vacuum cleaning system will deep clean your carpet and improve your indoor air quality.

Wally Flex

Your pantry "Butler" for quick cleaning—ideal for spills, dusting, and crumbs in any space!


Your Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning system can be directly connected to a Vacpan (an automatic dustpan) in the kitchen.

Floor tools for the inbuilt Mundo and Platinum central systems

Turbo Brush

This brush is designed for deep cleaning carpet. It is 28cm wide and has 4 small wheels for convenient manoeuvrability.

Standard Combo Tool

Easy to use combo tool; allows easy switch between carpet and hard floors.

Deluxe Combo Head

The finest combination tool on the market today. Very low noise and easy to use.

Floor tools for the internal Alliance central vacuum system

Bare Floor Brush

Brush for hard surfaces. Ideal large wooden or tiled areas.

Combo Head

The latest dual head. Very manoeuvrable, quick to change functions.

Extra Accessories for your inbuilt system

Alliance 3 in 1 Brush

Conveniently attached to the handle of the wand. Brush is immediately available for use.

Alliance Hepa Filter

Hepa Filter for Alliance Power Units only. Maximum exhaust filtration.

Turbocat Zoom

Extremely powerful turbo head. Good for carpets with rubber backing like Rhino Carpet.

Specialist Attachments for your central vacuum system

Telescopic Wand

Adjust the length of the telescopic wand for personal comfort. Extend to clean hard to reach places like mouldings and ceiling fans.

Hose Rack

This hose rack enables the hose to be stored in a tidy fashion.

Hose Sock

A soft cloth sock, helps protect hose from sharp corners. Helps prevent damage to furniture and woodwork.

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum filter bags for Power Units. Compatible with other Brands.

Sound Off Muffler

Muffler fits all Beam Power Units. Also, compatible with other Brands. (click photo.)

Filter for Power Units

Replacement filters can be purchased for all our Power Units.

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