Clean Air in Your Home

The quality of the air inside your home could be worse than you think.

We all want the air that we breathe, to be as clean and fresh as possible!

With a rise in energy-efficient homes and buildings — With Covid on our doorstep - and an increasing public awareness about the importance of indoor air quality — more and more people are starting to wonder whether the allergens that are contained in the air are just a minor annoyance or a legitimate cause for concern.

Fortunately, the accumulation of allergens, bad smells and humidity is not necessarily bad for you, especially when you are not consistently exposed to it. However, the lack of fresh air in a room means a build-up of harmful pollutants and allergens can occur. It is this build-up that should be cause for concern, as it indicates a poor indoor air quality situation.

  • The removal of allergens in the air and dirt and dust being vacuumed from the room encourages fresh air to be drawn into the room, thus improving the air quality.
  • This is a design feature which sets a Beam Central Cleaning Systems apart from other forms of cleaners.

When you vacuum with a Portable Cleaner, dirt is collected in the bag and the exhaust air is released from the rear of the machine. In this exhaust is a micro dirt/dust, which will pass straight through the cleaner's filter. This micro dust is so fine that even the best Hepa filter, will not be able to prevent it from being expelled into the air, this is what you are breathing! This is what you smell when vacuuming!

When using a Beam Central Vacuum System, you clean in just the same way but the allergens, dirt and dust vacuumed up is transported away from the living area to a sealed container (usually in your Garage) giving you a clean home environment.

Unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dus into the airt, a BEAM Central Vacuum System removes 100% of allergens, contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens and carries them away from living areas, improving indoor air quality. Research has proven that a BEAM system provides measurable relief for allergy sufferers—as much as 61%!*.

A BEAM Central Vacuum System makes for a cleaner and healthier home living.

Modern, buildings are designed to prevent unwanted airflow in and out of a house, increasing your chances of encountering stale and stuffy air. Airtight windows and doors are great for the electricity bill, but they may effect indoor air quality. A Beam Central Vacuum System is proven by test to improve the air quality in the room.

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