Servicing your Beam

Maintenance & Servicing

Maintenance & Servicing

Maintenance and Service is an important part of owning a Beam Central Vacuum System

Just like your car, a central Vacuum system should have a service to keep it running in tip top condition. Beam recommends that a service of your Central Vacuum system should be undertaken every 2 years. Just check below on what is included in a service of your machine. While Beam is best by test, we do service all the rest!

Beam has a rich history spanning 65 years in the US and 36 years in New Zealand. Beam New Zealand and its Dealers have been successfully servicing Power Units for over three decades. You can have confidence that a Beam Dealer will continue to expertly service your System in the future. For any service required, simply click on 'Find a Dealer' on this website.

Warranty and Maintenance Guidelines

When choosing a Beam Central Vacuum System for your home, make sure you receive a copy of your warranty card.

It is important to make sure you keep your Beam system maintained and serviced every 2-3 years.

  • We would like to continue our relationship and provide a maintenance and service to your system, call us anytime on 0800 10 25 26 or just click on "Find a Dealer" on this website.
  • Our Beam Systems have robust warranties which will protect your system for many years to come.
  • The warranties do not apply to consumable items which need replacement after normal wear and tear.

Our Dealer will discuss Servicing with you, normally they recommend a two year Servicing Schedule.

  • They can then program this into their normal servicing schedule.
  • Regular maintenance and service (just like your vehicle) will keep your System working at its maximum potential and will give you the opportunity to replace any items which have worn through normal use.
  • Warranty parts are free of charge, but there will be a charge for expendable products or time and mileage when the Dealer has to travel to do a service call.

Components Inspected During Maintenance

  • Brushes in the motor (where appropriate)
  • The condition of the internal GORE-TEX Filter, replacing the filter if required.
  • The motor cavity of the power unit.
  • The cleaning, condition and seal of the dirt receptacle.
  • The condition of muffler and external Hepa Filter if installed.
  • The cleaning of the wall and power unit inlet valves, rubber Seals and their sealing.
  • A suction test at power unit and wall valves
  • The condition of the Hose, handle and on/off control.
  • The cleaning and function of all the Accessories and attachments
  • The cleaning and function of accessories like Vacpans and Pantry Butlers
  • The cleaning of power unit and final operational test of the System

Beam Alliance 625SB Power Units

  1. Reset, Power Unit and Bucket Full Indicator.
  2. When light on handle shows red, your System is indicating that the bucket is full and the Power Unit needs to be reset.
  3. The light is programmed to show red, every 25 hours of Power Unit use. It has nothing to do with how much dirt is actually in the bucket.
  4. When you see this red light on your Hose handle, go to your Power Unit and the display will show a full bucket.
  5. Press firmly the shape underneath the Bucket, to reset the Power Unit and restart the next 25 Hours.
    Note: The screen is not a touch enabling screen. The vinyl of the screen should be depressed about 1mm to activate the micro switch below

Model Alliance 650TB, 675SC and 700TC Power Units

  1. Reset, Power Unit and Bucket Full Indicator.
  2. When the bucket full indicator requires the unit to be Reset.
  3. Press one of the two Directional Arrows (< or >) below the screen.
  4. Scroll though the images until you come to the bucket image. 
  5. If it requires a Reset, it will indicate on the screen.
  6. Hold the Enter button down for 5 seconds, to Reset Power Unit.

BEAM Alliance LED Icon Chart (click here to view)

Filter Maintenance

Beam’s patented GORE-TEX, HEPA standard filter is self-cleaning, but still requires maintenance as sharp particles can still damage the GORE fabric. Replacement is recommended every 2-3 years when having your Beam serviced. When cleaning your filter is required just follow these easy steps.

  1. Remove the dirt bucket by clicking off the clamps, or for the Alliance series, just press the top rim of the bucket.
  2. Wrap a large plastic rubbish bag around the lower portion of the power unit, holding it firmly in place - (as illustrated).
  3. Grasp the sewn-in weight at the bottom of the filter through the bag (as shown). Shake vigorously, any dirt will drop of the filter into the rubbish bag.
  4. Wait a minute then carefully remove the rubish bag from the unit without disturbing the dust. Empty any dirt from the bucket into the rubbish bag, seal and dispose.
  5. Replace the dirt bucket onto the power unit, then "spray and wipe" the machine and bucket.
  6. Remember, any dirt that may be spilled can be easily vacuumed away. 

Beam New Zealand recommends that a new GORE -TEX filter is fitted every 2-3 years.

This will ensure that the Beam System will continue to operate at its maximum potential.

A Case Study of a Service carried out

An example of how important servicing any Central Vacuum System is for our clients.

The client contacted us asking if we could supply her with a new Beam dusting brush...We said we could, as the conversation progressed, we asked the questions, how old is your machine? has it had been serviced regularly? The client replied, “does it need to be serviced?” “it’s never been done to my knowledge”.

We suggested that a service might be a good idea, saying that a regular service of the system would keep it running at its maximum potential. The client replied “actually, it doesn’t seem to suck as well as it used to”.

Upon initial inspection and vacuum testing of the system, we found that it was down approx 40% in suction as to what it should have been. The motor brushes were just about finished, filter bag was beyond its last legs, all inlet seals were leaking badly and hissing excessively, two of the original wall brackets had split and had broken seals, utility inlet had broken and was loose on the machine, combo floor tool was not working ( even though in good condition ) as it was clogged with years of dirt and the client was using the hard floor tool, on the carpet.

As it turned out, the system hadn’t been touched for many years, it was well beyond its Guarantee, and needed a number of the consumable parts replaced. Our client was over the moon when we ran through our findings with her. The service was completed along with the required maintenance and it was demonstrated to the client that the suction was back to where it should be. She was also very conscious of the health factor of her system (ie removing the exhaust air from the area being vacuumed) and was thrilled that the System was now operating again at the normal level.

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