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BEAM Alliance - 700TC

No other system come with the features or performance of the double award winning Alliance series. The Alliance 700 TC series has a 10 year warranty, is more powerful yet saves 30% on power usage. It comes with a built in utility valve, patented Gore-Tex HEPA standard air filtration, 15L press and release antimicrobial bucket and intelligent "Smart Screen" monitoring making this our top-of-the-line central vacuum system. Intelligently designed to combine ultimate cleaning power with convenience and technology.


  • Sound Supression (ASTM, IEC): 68 dB
  • Press & Release Bucket: 15L
  • Quick Clean Valve: Powered
  • Filtration: Self Cleaning Gore-Tex Filter
  • HEPA Filter: Optional

More Details

Model 700TC
Voltage 230 V / 240 V
Air Flow 52.9
AirWatts 700
Waterlift (mm) 3610
Motor HE Flow-Thru
Size (w x h) 38cm x 108cm

Smart Screen

System On Indicator YES
LED Backlit & Ring YES
Motion Sensor YES
Empty Bucket Icon YES
Performance Bars YES
Motor Speed YES
Hose Link Icon YES
Navigation Buttons YES
Motor Fault Icon YES
Clock YES
Error Code YES

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