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In new home installations, our Beam Dealer can provide quotes based on your architectural plans. They will engage in a detailed discussion to understand your unique requirements. Typically, you'll be presented with two options: a comprehensive system installation featuring various Power Units, and an alternative for ducting installation alone. The cost of ducting installation is typically around one-third of the total system cost, varying depending on the intricacy of the house under construction. Ducting installation takes place during the framing stage of construction, ensuring a seamless integration into your new home.

Strategic Ducting Installation and Builder Collaboration

Sometimes sections of the ducting have to be progressively installed as the project takes shape.

In cases where ducting needs to be installed beneath a concrete floor, it's vital to ensure that the LBP Builder overseeing the project is informed about your system installation plans. Effective coordination between our installer and the builder is key, with the builder typically scheduling our installer's involvement alongside the electrician and plumber before wall linings are added, as per the agreed-upon timeline.

Optimizing Ducting Installation and System Commissioning

The window of opportunity to get the ducting installed, is a relatively short period during the total time of the construction.

  • Ask our Dealer or installer will meet with you to make you are happy with the final positions of the wall Inlets valves will be placed.
  • You don’t want Inlet valves in positions which might interfere with where you want to place furniture or open doors for example.

The number of Inlet valves required is dictated by the size of the house. Discuss the positions with your Beam Dealer

  • You need to cover the total floor area of the house when vacuuming with a 10 metre hose.
  • You don’t want to have to shift furniture, to do a corner of a room.
  • Remember, with the wand on the end of the hose, you have about another 0.6 metre reach.
  • Our Dealer or installer will work closely with your Builder.
  • We have to make sure that our installation meets the requirements of the build and of the local Council.

The Inlet valves are normally installed at the same height as the electrical power points.

  • Our installer will put a cover plate on them.
  • The builder then installs the wall lining around this plate. Once the property is finished and decorated they are removed and the finish valves are installed.
  • The final position of the Beam Power Unit is decided by the owner of the property.
  • Most often they go in an attached garage.

When the house is finished or when the priority is right, we will commission the System for you.

  • This includes hanging the Power Unit, installing the Hose Inlet valves, testing the System, demonstrating it to you and how to operate

A Vacpan or Wally Flex can be installed from the main ducting line.

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