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Wellington, Kapiti & Wairarapa can now enjoy the benefits of our quality vacuum solutions. Our central vacuum systems are designed to provide superior cleaning, making your homes and offices cleaner and healthier. The power and efficiency of our central vacuum system make it a valuable addition to any home or office in Wellington, Kapiti & Wairarapa.

Wellington / Kapiti / Wairarapa

Peter and his dedicated team boast an impressive legacy as one of the most seasoned and experienced Beam dealers in the industry. With a rich history that spans numerous years, they have cultivated a deep understanding of Beam products, making them the go-to experts for all your Beam-related needs. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their service.

What sets Peter and his team apart is their unwavering dedication to providing customers with more than just products – they offer a holistic experience. Their wealth of knowledge allows them to offer not only professional advice but also in-depth technical expertise. Whether you have questions about choosing the right Beam product for your specific requirements or need technical service to ensure your existing system operates flawlessly, Peter and his team are your trusted partners.

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We had our Beam Central Vacuum System installed in our newly built about a year ago now. I have to say this is one of the best investment we had made in the new house.

The quality of this Central System cannot be compared with the regular portable vacuum cleaners as the Beam System are at the next level. We Vacuum our house every weekend and the Beam System still works like it was installed on day 1.

We have a two-floor house and the installation was done perfectly with enough hose length to cover both the floors, end to end.

Perfectly installed by Tim Muller and team here as Wellington Branch Dealers.

Tim's service was excellent and right from the beginning, he gave us all the options and types available and the benefits of each system and we were able to make a wise decision.

Thank you Tim and Co for a job well done.


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For over 65 years, BEAM has been a leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems with a long line of innovative products to raise the bar.