In the charming town of Timaru, maintaining a clean and healthy environment is now more straightforward with our efficient and user-friendly central vacuum systems. We believe in enhancing your living and working spaces' cleanliness, contributing to a healthier environment. Our central vacuum system is an embodiment of this belief, bringing effective cleaning solutions to every home and office in Timaru.

Timaru / Oamaru

John Hardie is an Electrical Inspector and has been in business in Timaru for the last 50 years.

John is one of the longest standing Beam Agents in New Zealand. He became interested in installing Beam Systems over 25 years ago and has a huge amount of experience in this field. He has installed many systems in new or existing, big and small homes.

Being an electrical inspector provides the ideal platform for him to provide the necessary back-up and servicing when required.

Why choose John Hardie Services to install your Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning System?

  • He is a Local! – been in Timaru for over 50 years, his extensive local knowledge means your project will be completed faster and more effectively.
  • He is a Master Electrician – Cost effective, highly qualified, experienced and versatile so your project will be completed more efficiently.
  • You’ll receive professional personalized service as he works with you to find the best solution for you and your home. He will be responsive and on time to meet your demands, including an arranged out of hour service when required.
  • He can complete a project that you started or take it from the ground up and is ready to assist you with your repair, remodel or upgrade.

Don't worry, you’ve come to the right place. Big or small, he does it all.

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John Hardie
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Electrical Inspector

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Having used Beam products for the past 10 years I have no problem in recommending this product.

We have been involved in numerous renovations and building projects over this time and am happy to say that no build or alteration is complete until a Beam Vacuum system has been installed.

Over the years we have found Hardie Electrical ’s design, supply and install second to none.

Servicing and parts have never been a problem.

When required we have found the service from Hardie Electrical has never been a problem and extremely quick.

We currently run Beam Systems in several applications and have found them to be very reliable, great suction, cleaning and easy to operate especially where there are multi-levels involved.

Hardie Electrical is highly recommended to all for their professional service.

For us, it’s Beam Vacuum system every time from Hardie Electrical.

Peter & Alice Stewart

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For over 65 years, BEAM has been a leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems with a long line of innovative products to raise the bar.